Chef Raffaele

At three years old he brewed and served coffee for the family. He had to work the coffee machine on his own, without help, and then he happily passed each one a cup.

“Casa Mele brings everything I love together – friends, family and food,” shared Chef Raffaelle. “I want people to feel welcome and relaxed when they visit. They can enjoy drinks and a good meal, have fun by taking a cooking class or just stop by to say hello and sip espresso at the bar. This is a destination place with lots of options. My hope is that locals will send their children to my cooking classes. I want to pass along the traditional regional recipes handed down to me by my mother and the generations that came before her.”

Chef Raffaelle points to a counter top where glass canisters are filled to the brim with a variety of colorful candies. “Those candies are for everybody. I want people to reach in and take away a treat that reminds them of being young and full of ideas. Casa Mele is different than other restaurants. I want it to feel like a loving home.”